Great News! We are moving!

Blackboard is changing the way Hofstra’s Blackboard system is hosted.  In the new system, Hofstra has been promised zero downtime for upgrades and patches as well as constant access to the latest security upgrades and feature updates.

To get there, we must move everything that we are using from the current Hofstra Blackboard system to a new cloud-based Blackboard.  The new system will look and feel very much like the current system.  You will not need to learn to use a new system.

We are creating January and Spring 2019 courses on the new server.  Access to January and Spring 2019 is now blocked on the current server.  Blackboard will migrate all regular courses that have content and student work from the old server to the new server.  In cases where the new January and Spring courses do not yet have content or student work, you can Export the material from an old course site (instead of Course Copy) and Import it to the new site.  Instructions for Export/Import can be found at

Please do not add any new content to your the Spring -201902- course sites until we notify you that you are able to work on the sites on the new server.

If you use specialized manually created Blackboard Courses, Organizations, or Community sites that are outside the regular course process, you must let us know which sites you need to have moved.  We will send a separate mailing to the owners of these sites so that we move everything that needs to be moved.

Please reply to with any questions.