A new feature added to Blackboard over the summer is often-requested ability to track student attendance.  This can now be turned on in any class from the Course Management section, and the Attendance ties directly back into the Gradebook.

To turn it on for your course, find the Attendance option under Course Tools:

Course Management > Course Tools > Attendance

Attendance Button Image

This new functionality allows for simple tracking of student attendance.  You mark students as Present, Late, Absent, or Excused.  And by adjusting the settings you can grade by letter, point, or percentage.



In the Overall section, you can see current and previous sessions, as well as overview statistics.  You can add slots for previous sections by clicking on the plus (+) icon that appears when you move the mouse between existing sessions.


If you’re interested in seeing it in action, this quick video will walk you through the process:


For more information, check out Blackboard’s instructor help for Attendance: