Dear Faculty Colleagues,
We’ve completed the process of moving to our new cloud-based Blackboard system for Department courses, and courses for January and Spring 2019 terms. We’re happy to announce that all faculty now have access to the new system.  Visit to see the new system and give it a try. 

Below, we’ve added some additional details that you may find helpful as you prepare for intersession and the spring semester.
Finding and Developing Your January and Spring Courses
From the MyHofstra Portal,, click the waffle/My Apps icon in the top right. Click the Blackboard Icon in My Apps. Choose  January/Spring or Older Terms.
Fall 2018 and Older Courses
Fall and previous semester courses remain for now on the old system. 
When you click the Blackboard button in My Apps the portal, you will be able to choose between terms; either January/Spring for the new server, or older terms for the old server.
Wrapping Up Grading and Moving Your Courses
For Fall Courses (201809), finish up using the old system as you have been, 
Moving your course content to the new server is best done following these three easy steps.

  1. Export the content from courses you’d like to move from the old server.  
  2. Save the Export File to your computer. 
  3. Import that zipped Export file to the new course on the new server. 

Detailed Instructions for Export/Import can be found at

What Happens to All of the Older Courses on Blackboard?

During late December and January, we’ll begin moving older terms to the new Blackboard. You’ll find your courses from up to two years ago on the new Blackboard server by mid-spring. If you need access to older archives, or have trouble finding something, please let us know and we’ll be happy to help.

Have a wonderful Holiday and a safe and pleasant break!

Paul Carson | Senior Instructional Designer
EdTech | Hofstra University | 516.463.4096

Dr. Laura Martin
Director of Education and Research Technology Services
107 Hofstra University
McEwen Hall 204, Hempstead Tpke
Hempstead, New York. 11549