EdTech is pleased to announce Information Technology’s rollout of PrideDesktop. Hofstra recognizes that today’s students and faculty are always on the go. They need to be able to access the tools they need anywhere, anytime and from many different devices. With that in mind Hofstra University has implemented a way for students and faculty to access the software resources normally only found Hofstra computers remotely. Virtual Desktop Interface (VDI) allows current students and faculty to access specialized software on their own devices both inside and outside of classroom 24/7/365. Almost all of the software you would find in your classroom or the open access computer labs is available via VDI but now you can access it from wherever you have Internet access.

In addition, may lab classroom computers will have PrideDesktop as well. Students will be able to log into these computers to easily access web browsers and Microsoft Office. If they need to access specialized software, they will need to double-click the PrideDesktop icon to log into our virtual desktops.

Both students and faculty can also take advantage of the free Microsoft Office software for your computers, tablets and smart phones! To download the software, visit the Hofstra Portal (my.hofstra.edu), click on the My Apps icon, and click the Microsoft Office button.

Give PrideDesktop a Try Now! Go to: hofstra.edu/PrideDesktop

Also, watch this quick video to get a better idea about how VDI works: